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About Our Brands
Lugen—HYUNDA ENG’s World’s First LED Ceiling Air Purifier Brand
We Have a Reason and
the Right to Pursue Happiness While Enjoying the Relaxing Time in a Pleasant Space
With its Central Cleaning System, Lugen purifies invisible fine dust
and harmful gases effectively at every corner of your living space
without any blind spots, protecting your health.
Lugen is the world’s first invention with great versatility and ease of installation, which is designed to make your space pleasant and healthy. Enjoy happiness to its fullest in a new, clean and clear world with Lugen, which is made by combining technologies of the company specializing in LED lighting and the one specializing in air purification system.
Fulico—HYUNDA ENG’s Lighting Brand Characterized
by Its Product Diversity and Expertise
HYUDAENG, the Company Specializing in LED for Various Applications, is There for You.
HYUNDA ENG designs, produces, manufactures and distributes LED lighting for various applications and is expanding its business area into the promising green technology industry, including LED lighting equipped with air purification function. Meet versatile LED lighting products of Fulico, HYUNDA ENG’s brand specializing in lighting fixtures.